From livestock protection to Bluetooth innovations & satellite comms, the ETSE skillsets include radio-frequency & microwave electronic design, GSM, GPS, RF modems, microprocessors, embedded systems and software.

Since 1997 we have been developing products for a wide spectrum of clients and applications – these include solutions for space, military, agriculture and commercial applications. Initially our focus was on development of RF and microwave communication systems, but soon expanded to other areas in need for electronic hardware and embedded system solutions. As part of the Alphawave Group , we have collaborate with various teams with specialist knowledge in a wide field of engineering.

At the core of our knowledge base are our skills in radio frequency (RF) and microwave electronic design (including component-, module- and system-level solutions). In addition we have vast experience implementing technologies such as GSM, GPS, RF modems, microprocessors and FPGAs, embedded systems and software, low-power systems, sensors and measurement devices – our solutions are often accompanied by a user-facing interface.)

Etse Electronics

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Stellenbosch, 7600

Tel: 021 880 1163