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STROOM Sustainable e-bikes

Redefining Green Mobility: STROOM’s Journey Towards Sustainable Delivery Solutions 

Entrepreneur of the Month: STROOM

By Jeraldene Menon


In a world where environmental sustainability takes centre stage, STROOM as a majority women owned business, emerge as a pioneer in redefining green mobility and offering innovative delivery solutions. Carlien van Niekerk and her team are a testament to the transformative power of entrepreneurship, as they strive to revolutionize the way we approach last-mile deliveries. 

With a clear vision to mitigate the environmental impact of delivery vehicles, particularly in densely populated urban areas like Stellenbosch, STROOM swiftly recognized the surge in online transactions that fuelled the demand for delivery vehicles. They seized the opportunity to introduce micro electric vehicles for delivery, making a positive difference. 

STROOM’s unique market value proposition lies in its ability to provide a sustainable and green alternative to traditional petrol motorcycles commonly used for deliveries. The life cycle cost of STROOM’s electric cargo bikes is lower than that of petrol motorcycles, making it an economically and environmentally attractive choice. Local manufacturing in Stellenbosch ensures proper maintenance and repair, enhancing their competitive advantage. 

Since its inception, STROOM has undergone significant evolution, evolving from a product design house into a manufacturer of its own electric vehicles. Rigorous testing and a carbon life cycle verification by Promethium Carbon have showcased the sustainability and environmental benefits of their vehicle range, with the first STROOM vehicles already in the hands of consumers across the country. 

Their target customers include both companies and individuals seeking eco-friendly alternatives to petrol motorcycles for short-distance deliveries. Petrol-powered motorcycles are notorious for emitting pollutants and incurring high maintenance costs, making STROOM’s cargo e-bikes a practical solution for delivery needs in densely populated areas. 

The company’s go-to-market strategy focuses on selling and renting its electric vehicles, accompanied by warranty and maintenance support, ensuring customer satisfaction and retention. 

Like any startup, STROOM faced its share of challenges, notably the need to prove the durability of its products. They addressed this obstacle through design iterations and a rigorous long-term testing program. 

STROOM’s scalability is designed to match the growing demand for its products, with modular expansion of capacity enabling the company to effectively meet increasing market needs. Their journey is characterized by relentless innovation and the integration of cutting-edge technology, including CAD design, CNC manufacturing, advanced electric motors, and state-of-the-art battery technology. 

As STROOM exhibits at events like Smart Mobility Africa, prospective clients have the opportunity to experience the future of green mobility firsthand. The company’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly delivery solutions is not only reshaping the industry but also contributing to a cleaner and greener future for all. 

In the capable hands of Carlien and her team, STROOM is poised to continue its remarkable journey toward transforming last-mile deliveries and reducing the carbon footprint of delivery services across the country.