Herbal View Hydroponics

Herbal View Hydroponics was established by Entrepreneur Basil Williams and Caroline Williams in 2000 in Kylemore community in the backyard of my parents home.  My main focus in the community was job creation, skill development and social development.  Food security has always been the most important aspect in my business vision and goals.  My background started when I started my employment in 1998 at the ARC Fynbos Nursery and get as much as experience in Propagating, cultivating and export Fynbos plants & flowers. In 2000 I moved to a company called ASNAPP in Agribusiness development. The company then movedover to the University of Stellenbosch at the Welgevallen Experimental farm in tunnel Production on tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and salads.  I have ploughed all my experiences over the 25 years in the Agricultural sector into my business. Today I am a strong entrepreneur and Herb grower and supplier in Stellenbosch.

Herbal View Hydroponics

468/132 Welmoed Road off Annandale Road
Lynedoch, Stellenbosch

Tel: 076 729 6463