Flanders Investment and Trade is the economic development agency and Trade and Invest point of contact for Flanders – the northern Dutch speaking region of Belgium.

The region is highly industrialized (chemical- automotive – textile – food processing), is a logistics gateway with 3 major ports (Antwerp-Bruges and Ghent – Oostende), a fully integrated biotech and pharma hub (see vib.be) and has a vibrant start-up scene (see.startups.be) with unicorns such as Collibra, Odoo and Deliverect.

Looking to meet – reach out to the Stellenbosch business community to start developing the European market (for Sales, R&D, Partnerships).

The Campus – 57 Sloan Street The Wrigley Fields Building
Second Floor
Bryanston, Gauteng 2191

Luc Fabry:
+27 62 497 0928



Investment and Trade Agency Government of Flanders – Belgium