We provide concerned businesses, who want to grow their offering and reduce risk, with marketable and ready-to-use solutions for products they already offer, thereby allowing them to become proactive rather than reactive through enhanced value-added products.

BridgIoT is in the business of providing smart monitoring solutions. We have already gained support in the insurance sector for risk reduction by way of leak & burst detection in geysers. We also partnered with the WCED to provide smart water saving solutions to schools in the Western Cape. One of the earlier BridgIoT products, a smart water meter solution​, gained traction through a corporate social investment project named the #SmartWaterMeterChallenge. Since the onset of the project, BridgIoT has grown in size and capability. Several solutions in the IoT space have been developed by its team of employees stretching from the initial water monitoring applications to location tracking solutions and beyond. While BridgIoT has rich hardware, firmware and software development history the company specialises in the monitoring and control of household utilities, supported by years of research and experience, allowing end-users to unlock substantial savings and value through the use of BridgIoT’s solutions.

Time Square building, 12 Elektron road
Techno Park
Stellenbosch, Western Cape

Arno Paul Scholtz:
+27 21 201 6939




Internet of Things