My current position (from 1999) as Managing Partner of the BALANCED SCORECARD INSTITUTE OF SOUTH AFRICA (BSCISA) and Non Executive Director of Strategic Business Development on the board of ISHANGO COLLGE (IC) make me responsible to establish strategic partnerships with local and global institutions. The vision of the BSCISA is to create the future by turning strategy into performance and to ensure that the right people are in the right place. Companies need to calibrate and align everybody with their Vision and Mission and to calibrate the KPls and KPAs of staff with their Strategic Vision. I am supporting business South Africa in doing this for the past 22 years.
I am The co-author of 6 books (first and second editions) on Strategy, Entrepreneurship and International Business. My consulting and business expertise span over 30 years and more than 100 companies and more than 12 000 people benefited from my training engagements in the RSA, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Nigeria.

I am an expert in inter alia Strategy, Performance Management, Problem solving and introducing disruptive Innovation by creating Blue Ocean Strategies.

My passion is to support people to achieve their business and personal goals by providing strategic Leadership and developing new vision and mission if needed. I facilitated many strategic sessions to do exactly that with Botswana Diamond Mining, V&A Waterfront, MTN Nigeria, PetroSA, De Beers to name a few. The important part is implementation. My Performance Tracker and Implementation Triangle Tools are explained at,
My position on the board of Ishango College taught me the importance of working as a team and also the crucial importance of feedback and review.


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